GMR Ambala Chandigarh Expressways Private Limited

The group’s first highway project in North India


The Ambala - Chandigarh project on NH-21 & 22, Haryana & Punjab 172 Lane Km on BOT Toll based for 20 years is the Group’s first highway project in North India. Completed as per schedule, it involved construction of two crucial fly overs, with more than 15 Lane kms of elevated carriageway.

The scope of the project, won through an international competitive bid from the NHAI included widening of the existing 2-lanes to 4-lanes and improvement, operation and maintenance, rehabilitation and strengthening of the existing road.

The Ambala - Chandigarh stretch has one of the highest traffic densities in the country, catering to vehicular traffic between Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and New Delhi. There is a 12-lane state of the art toll plaza for toll collection with facility for Electronic Toll (Unmanned).

In case of Emergency, Contact

Highway Control Room numbers – 9915522119, 01762248199
Ambulance 9915522116



Main Carriageway
(Lane KM)


Service roads
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